Monday, February 14, 2011

Interfaith marriages - Can a muslim woman marry a non muslim man?

Question: At the present time, is it permissible to marry a Jew or a Christian?

It is not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a man who is not Muslim. She becomes a renegade at the moment she makes up her mind to marry a non-Muslim man. (Endless Bliss)
Because there are no dhimmis (non-Muslims living in a Muslim country and under Islamic laws) today in the world, it is makruh tahrimi--that is, close to haram--for a Muslim male to marry a Christian or a Jewish female. It is not permissible and is a sin.

Marrying a non-Muslim woman involves disadvantages in terms of the children they will have in the future. In the past, children were able to safeguard their religion under the influence of their environment in Islamic states. However, it is very difficult, maybe impossible, today for a Muslim man who gets married in a Christian country to protect his children from the influence of their environment. Even if he lives in a country inhabited by Muslims, it is next to impossible at such a time as this to bring a child with a non-Muslim mother up under an Islamic education. There is no sin graver than bringing one's children up as disbelievers. He, together with them, will go to Hell. It is declared in hadith-i sharifs:

(All of you are like shepherds of flocks. As a shepherd protects his flock, so you should protect your households and those under your command from Hell. You must teach them Islam. If you do not, you will be held responsible.) [Muslim]

(Many Muslim children will go to the Hell named Wayl because of their fathers, for their fathers, being seized by the ambition of earning money and making merry and running after worldly affairs only, did not teach their children Islam and the Qur'an al-karim. I am far removed from such fathers. And they are away from me. Those who do not teach their children their religion will go to Hell.) [Endless Bliss]
How difficult it is to teach Islam to a child whose mother is a Christian. It is stated in the hadith-i sharif above that if a father does not teach Islam to his child for any reason whatsoever, he, together with his child, will go to Hell.

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