Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The pure life led by each and every one of the Ashab-i-kiram (Sahaba) [1] sets an example for us to follow. We should imitate them and try to deserve love of Allahu ta’ala. A Muslim who follows in their footsteps will obey the commandments of Allahu ta’ala and the laws of the state. It is sinful to disobey the commandments, and a crime to violate the law. A perfect Muslim will not commit sins or crimes. To be a ‘Muslim’ means to be a ‘good person’:

He will know that Muslims are brothers. He will love his nation and his national flag. He will be good to all other people. He will never harm non-Muslims, tourists or disbelievers. He will not attack their property, lives, chastity or honor. He will admonish wrongdoers. He will not cheat or double-cross anyone. He will never quarrel. He will treat others with a smiling face and a sweet tongue. He will always work. He will learn his religion and science well. He will teach them to his children and to his acquaintances as well. He will not backbite others or gossip. He will always say useful things. He will earn a living through halal (canonically legitimate) means. He will not impinge on anyone’s rights.

A Muslim who has acquired these qualities will be loved by Allah as well as by people. He will lead a life in comfort and peace.

My youth has gone by like a sweet dream, weep, oh, my eyes! 
Weeping’s made me a lunatic, the grave would lead me homewise!
[1] As’hab-i kiram: (as-Sahabat al-kiram); the Companions of Rasulullah.

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